How to manipulate images?


coreplus allows users to upload their own custom image headers to their invoice templates and letters. This is great although many times, the images are not in the exact position that our users would like them. Users may want their header slightly to the left, right, higher or lower. We can use the 'Paint' application on Windows machines to perform these alterations. The image above is an excerpt of two separate invoices - the first header is centre aligned and the one below is left aligned. By following the below steps, an end product similar to this can be achieved.

Please note: Paint does not have to be used. Another application may be used that can perform the similar functions.

Step 1


  • Open paint paint.
  1. Windows XP: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint
  2. Windows Vista,7: Start > Type 'paint' in the search bar > Select paint from the list
  3. Windows 8: Drag the mouse to the top right corner to evoke the Windows 8 'Charms Menu' > click on the search icon > Type 'Paint' in the search bar > click on the paint program.
  • Drag the image you would like to alter from your PC into Paint (As shown in the image above).

Step 2


  • Once the image has been inserted into paint, the one and only alteration that is needed, is to simply add white space to one of the sides. By adding white space to the image, it pushes the actual image in the opposite direction. This gives the illusion that the image has been forcefully pushed more to one side when uploaded. In the above example we are adding white space to the right, which will position the image more to the left when uploaded. To do this all we have to do is grab one of the little square boxes on the edges of the image and drag it out (As shown in the image above). Please see below for more examples.
  1. To position the header higher, add more white space below
  2. To position the header lower, add more white space on top
  3. To position the header more to the right, add white space to the left
  4. To position the header more the the left, add white space to the right
  • Once the above alterations have been done, all that's left to do is save the image and upload it back into coreplus.


I edited and re-uploaded my image, but its still the old image - Why?
This does not always happen, however their are times when your browser will cache the header image. This basically means to store the image locally on your PC so pages can load faster. As a result, the browser may not recognize the new image and still use the old one.

A simple resolution to this would be to click 'Ctrl' and 'F5' simultaneously. This would force the page to grab a fresh copy and not use any data/images stored locally on your PC.

Luke Darmanin -

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