How fast is my internet connection?

Due to coreplus being cloud based (on the internet), an appropriate internet connection is highly recommended to enhance the efficiency of which you can utilize coreplus. Below are a few steps of how you can determine the speed of your internet connection.

Step 1


  • Initially navigate to the Google website and type in speed test
  • In the search results, the first link should be as the one in the image above - Click into here
  • If the results do not present the link in the image above type in the address bar

Step 2


  • You should now be presented with a screen very similar to the one above
  • Click the 'Begin Test' icon as shown in the image above
  • Tests will begin to run that will test your internet connection speed

Step 3


  • Once the speed test has concluded we will be interested in three pieces of information as highlighted in the image above.
  1. Ping
  2. Download Speed
  3. Upload Speed
  • The connection speed of your internet is generally relevant to your download speed. Your download speed is essentially how quickly you can download information from the internet or in coreplus terms, how fast coreplus can operate.

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