Create a Client Reminder

Step 1 - Open the Client's File


Step 2 - Select 'Reminders' from clients file


Step 3 - Select 'Create Reminder'


Step 4 - Select where you'd like the reminder to appear

  • "On the Dashboard" means the reminder appears as a notification on the Dashboard screen
  • "When this client file is opened" means the reminder appears when the client's file is accessed


Step 5 - Select which practitioners should get the reminder


  • You can select as many Practitioners as you prefer
  • If you've selected "When the client's file is opened" in Step 3, you'll have the option of reminding the next user who accesses the client file


Step 6 - Enter the 'Reminder Message' you wish to appear


Step 7 - Choose the date of the Reminder


Step 8 - Press "Save"



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