Print multiple outstanding invoices for a client


Step 1 - Select Client List


Step 2 - Select the client you wish to make payment to


Step 3 - Select 'Invoicing'


Step 4 - Select 'Print Multiple' on the Invoicing Screen


Step 5 - You will now be prompted to click on the Invoices you wish to Print. You will notice when the invoice is selected, the font turns to orange


Step 6 - When you have selected all the invoice you wish to print, click the same tab again 'Click on he invoices and then click here'


Step 7 - Because all the Invoices will be printed at once, you can select a 'Print Template' and the 'Recipient' for all Invoices here. When your done, click 'Print'


Your will now be able to print all selected Invoices


Daniela Bozinoski -

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