Unlock multiple invoices at once

When an invoice is printed off,emailed or PDF'd it is automatically locked to prevent crucial information from being edited. Once an invoice has been locked, the invoice is unable to be edited until it is unlocked.
To unlock an invoice, follow the steps below

Step 1 - Navigate to Clients File


Step 2 - Select clients file


Step 3 - Click on 'Invoicing' located in clients file


Step 4 - Click on 'Unlock Multiple'


Step 5 - Begin selecting invoices displayed on your screen.


  • Once an invoice has been selected, the text will turn orange, to inform the user the invoice has been selected

Step 6 - One all invoices are selected, now select 'Click on the invoices and then click here'


Step 7 - A prompt will appear 'Are you sure you wish to unlock all these invoices', click 'ok' to proceed with this request


All invoices you selected will automatically unlock

Daniela Bozinoski -

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