What is a Part-Time User?

The 'Part-time user' option allows a user (or users) to pay for the amount of hours they are logged in. These users are placed on a 'Pay by the Hour' billing scheme. As an example, if a practitioner only works 7 hours a week, the business would only be charged for 7 hours. This is a much more cost effective method for those who work part time.

Please note: Businesses can have a mix of full and Part-time user accounts (As seen in the example below).

What if i accidentally leave coreplus open - will I be charged?

In theory, Yes - if you leave coreplus open a charge will result.

However, coreplus developed the 'Session Timeout' tool that will lock the session after a predefined amount of inactivity has passed. This will result in two things:

  1. It is used as a safety net to stop businesses from being overcharged.
  2. It prevents sensitive information from being viewed if you leave coreplus open while away from the computer.

By default this is not enabled.

So what costs are involved?

  • A Part-time user monthly account fee is $20.00
  • For every hour used, $1 will be charged

Keep in mind, you are charged from the second you log in to the second you log out. This means if you only log in for 10 minutes, you will only be charged for 10 minutes, and not the entire cost for a full hour.

How Do I change my account from a full time user to a Part-time user?

To find out how to edit your user access levels, click here

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