Add, edit or delete Rooms

Many practices have numerous rooms within their one site and would like to see this when booking appointments. coreplus allows an infinite number of rooms to be allocated to a site allowing both the receptionist and practitioner to see exactly were the appointment is. This makes managing appointments intuitive and easy.

Step 1 - Select 'Settings' from your coreplus dashboard

Step 2 - Select 'Sites'

Step 3 - Select the Site that you want to add rooms to

Step 4 - Select 'Rooms' from the pop-up window

From this screen you are able to add and edit room details and assign colours to different rooms

Daniela Bozinoski -

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    Janine Storer

    I want to be able to view each room separately, I do not want the additional rooms appointments on the main sites appointment list. I want individual calendars for each site so I can flick between individual calendars when booking for each site Can I do this?