Interface Settings

Step 1 - Select 'Settings' under 'Setup'


Step 2 - Select 'Interface Settings' under 'Branding'

 There are many different options available on this screen that allow you to customise coreplus to suit your practice's needs



The Theme is the colour of your coreplus interface (buttons, titles and so on). You can change this to Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink or Orange. This is a great way to customise your coreplus account to match your branding or logo.


Multi-Disciplinary Practice


Multi-Disciplinary Practice allows clients to have numerous referrals recorded in their client file, where the default setting in coreplus allows for clients to only have a single referral at any one time. Once this setting has been enabled the Client Details and invoicing screen will change to accommodate for multiple referrals.  More information can be found here.


Quantity Invoicing


Once enabled, you will have the ability to add a quantity to a service type on your invoices (e.g. if you have sold 3 books to a client)


Invoice Font Size


The ability to adjust the font size of invoices produced in coreplus


Instant Message when SMS received


When an SMS is received from an appointment in your coreplus calendar, you can specify which users should receive a notification message.


Session Timeout


To Learn more about Session Timeout, click here

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