Calendar general overview

The coreplus calendar offers powerful calendaring, and has many options. This lesson overviews the calendar options.

Selecting a working date


To select a date on the calendar to view appointments for, click the corresponding of which to date to view. You can rapidly navigate to dates in the past or future by clicking on the month and year. At anytime, you can navigate back to today's date by clicking 'Today'

User Calendars


coreplus supports multi-tenanted calendars on the same view. To view the calendars of the users whom you have access to, simply click off their name. If you cannot see the calendar of the user whom you are trying to access, then you may need to request the user give you permission to their calendar.

Availability Schedules


You can quickly view practitioner availability schedules, once they have been defined. You can read about defining availability schedules here.

The practitioners name needs to be ticked off to view their defined availability schedule.

Deletions, Cancels, No Shows


Appointments on the coreplus calendar that are deleted, canceled or marked as no show are removed from the calendar and displayed as above. An accidentally deleted, no show or canceled appointment can be re-added back to the calendar by clicking it from the list.



You can search the coreplus calendar by using the search field found at the top of calendar. Simply enter the first few words of the title of appointment you want to find, and press 'Enter'. A screen will popup with your search results.

Make New Appointment, Appointment Types, Activities, Week View, Room View


Make New Appointment:
You can make a new appointment and quickly bring up the find best fit search window by clicking this button.

Appointment Types:
To assist with reporting, organization of appointments and color coding, appointment types can be created. You can read more about appointment types here.

Activities can be created to represent a large group booking. More can be read about activities here

Week View:
Change your coreplus calendar view from day to week

Room View:
Change your coreplus calendar view to a room view, to see when rooms are available for consultation. More can be read about rooms here

Waiting List, Waiting Room, SMS Reminder Responses, Calendar Printing


Waiting List:
View/add/edit/delete clients to the waiting list, and convert a client from the waiting list to an appointment. More can be read about the waiting list here.

Waiting Room:
Notify practitioners that their next patient has arrived

SMS Reminder Responses:
View the responses of SMS appointment reminders

Calendar Printing:
Print of calendar appointments between a date range, or print off defined practitioner schedules

Quick Appointment Handler


What is this feature?
The Quick Appointment Handler allows receptionists and practitioners to quickly and easily,

  • View SMS messages that are sent to and from the client
  • Delete the appointment all together
  • Copy the appointment to another time while keeping the current appointment still there
  • Reschedule the appointment to another time
  • Jump straight to the clients file
  • Create an invoice straight away from the calendar

Please note: If you cannot see the 'View Client file' and 'Create Invoice' buttons, this is most likely due to the appointment not being for a client within the system. When creating appointments and entering in the client, ensure you are selecting their name from the list that appears to avoid this complication.

How can this feature be accessed
To access this feature is a two step process.

  • An appointment must first be created through the appointment screen
  • Once the appointment has been created the 'Quick Appointment Handler' can be accessed by simply right clicking on the appointment.

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    Elizabeth Macmillan

    I understand there is a video that shows how to operate coreplus. I am needing some help. I want to know how to delete a portion of a days schedule. I am using VCPS diary and I need to allocate time for them to put in clients. I don't want to allocate whole days, can I allocate portions of days or half days?