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How to delete an invoice?



  • Navigate to the clients file, that the invoice resides in
  • Click 'Invoicing' to the left of the screen
  • Click 'Actions' to the right of the invoice you would like to delete, as shown in the above image
  • You should notice a 'Delete' button, click that
  • You will be presented with a pop-up asking you to confirm the deletion. Proceed by clicking 'Delete'
  • You invoice has now been delete

Please note: Only Supervisors can delete invoices and once an invoice has been deleted it cannot be recovered.


Difference between invoice templates and print templates?

Although Invoice templates and print templates sound similar and both relate to invoices, they serve two very different purposes. Having a solid understanding of the differences between the two is very beneficial.

Invoice Template
Invoice Templates in short relate to the actual content on the invoice. Detailed explanation below.

Invoice Templates are used to greatly speed up the time taken to create an invoice. For example, you may find yourself constantly entering the same information on invoices for a large number of clients (Clearly a redundant and time consuming task). coreplus solves this issue through Invoice Templates which allows practitioners to enter enter predefined items. For example, say a practitioner has the following information for 90% of their invoices the same.

  • Invoice Recipient: Client
  • Time Consulted: 45min
  • Location: Office 1
  • Service Type: Standard Consultation

The practitioner could setup an invoice template that contains all this information, so that all they have to do is simply select it from the list. Once selected from the list all the predefined information will automatically populate in the relevant fields. 

Print Template
Print Templates in short relate to how a template will look when its printed off. Detailed explanation below.
When invoices are printed off, practitioners may want the following things

  • For their invoice to look a certain way
  • For certain items to appear in a particular place
  • To include or not include certain information.

Print Templates allow all the above things to happen by predefining all this information in a print template.

In summary

  • Invoice Templates are used to speed up how quickly invoices can be created.
  • Print Templates are used to alter how an invoice will look when it is printed off.


How can I change the payee provider number on my invoices?



  • Dashboard > Medicare > Medicare Online coreplus Claiming Defaults



  • On this screen you can do two things.

  1. You can enable the changing of the Payee Provider Number on the invoices. This means that when you are creating an invoice, you can select the Payee Provider Number from the provider numbers that you already have in the system (Information on how to add provider numbers to the system can be found here). You would select this option if you operate from numerous sites and need a way to change the payee provider number on the invoices easily. To enable this, select the check box 'User can change this when claiming' as shown above.

  2. To change the default payee provider number that will be on the invoices, you can select it from the drop down list as shown above. The provider number that is selected here will be the default payee provider number that will appear on the invoices. Information on how to add provider numbers to the system can be found here.

  • Once the appropriate changes have been made, dont forget to click 'Save' on the bottom of the screen to apply the changes.



  • The above image is a screen shot of the 'Service Information' area that is displayed when generating a bulk bill claim. You should notice that there is an additional field there labeled 'Payee Provider Number'. This field is there due to the check box being selected in step 2. From here you will now be able to change the payee provider number of the invoice.

How to adjust my invoice Font size


  • Navigate to the Dashboard and select Customise from the left pane.
  • Select Settings from the options that are displayed.
  • The settings will appear and one of the options is Invoice Font size. coreplus users can edit this to increase or decrease the font size of their invoices.

How can I unlock an invoice?

When an invoice is printed off, emailed or created as a PDF it is automatically locked to prevent crucial information from being edited. Once an invoice has been locked, the invoice is unable to be edited until it is unlocked. Invoices can be unlocked by

  • Navigating to the invoicing screen.
  • Hovering over 'Actions' and selecting the 'Unlock' button.

Please note: Only Supervisors are able to unlock invoices. Case Managers and Administrators are unable to unlock invoices.


Why am I receiving an email when an invoice is unlocked
Whenever an invoice is unlocked, two emails are sent automatically

  • All supervisors within the business are sent an email alerting them all that an invoice has been unlocked.
  • The case manger for who created the invoice is also sent an email alerting them their invoice has been unlocked.

This is done as a security measure to ensure all the relevant individuals are aware of the unlocked invoice.

How can I edit already made payments?




  • Navigate to the 'Clients File' > 'Invoicing'
  • To the right of the invoice you would like to edit, click 'Actions' and then 'Edit'



  • Click the '$' symbol to the right of the service item.
  • A screen will now appear allowing you to make a payment, apply a credit refund, edit a current payment or delete a current payment.
  • Seeing as though we would like to edit an already made payment, click 'Edit' to the right of the current payment (As shown in the image below)



  • Once edit has been clicked, the payment should turn yellow as shown in the image above and the payment information will be populated in the payment fields.
  • The payment information, that has been placed into the fields can now be edited.
  • Once the appropriate changes have been made, save the adjustments by clicking 'Ok'

'Duplicate Invoice' header on invoices?



Why is this here?

  • The 'Duplicate copy' header (As shown in the image above) is displayed when invoices are locked.
  • An invoice is locked by it being printed / emailed or PDF'd.
  • You can find out if an invoice is locked by navigating to the Dashboard > Clients File > Invoicing. Next to each invoice there should be a field labeled 'Status'. This field should either have Locked or Unlocked.

How can I unlock the invoice and remove the duplicate copy header

  • Invoices can be unlocked by hovering over 'Actions' (which can be found to the right of each invoice) and then clicking 'Unlock'
  • Now that the invoice has been unlocked, when it is next printed / emailed or PDF'd the 'Duplicate Copy' header should not appear.

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