Communication Overview


Step 1 - Select 'Communication' on your coreplus Dashboard


Send Email


Send Emails in coreplus using your contacts. You can also enter email addresses

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Send SMS


Manually Send SMS messages through coreplus

My Inbox


coreplus provides users with an inbox allowing them to communicate through emails. It has many functions including junk emails, tasks, a calendar and the ability to add contacts. 

Instant Messaging


Instant messaging allows users to send quick messages to other staff members. This can be used by receptionists to alert Case Managers that a client is running late, or to send them a general message. When receiving an instant message the recipient is alerted by a box flashing in the top right corner. The recipient simply clicks the flashing box, reads the message, and then closes the box. More information on Instant Messaging can be found here.

Organisation Tasks


Organising tasks for staff is important in any practice to ensure work is being done efficiently. coreplus offers you the ability to assign tasks to staff and keep track of its progress. More information on Organisation Tasks can be found here.



The noticeboard is a great way of relaying important information to colleagues. The noticeboard is displayed on the dashboard. Only Supervisors can edit the noticeboard. More information regarding the Noticeboard can be found here.

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