Feature Permissions

The 'Feature Permissions' will enable Supervisors to increase or restrict the amount of features that other users within the organisation have access to within coreplus.

Step 1 - Select 'Settings' under 'Setup' on the coreplus Dashboard


Step 2 - Select 'Feature Permissions'


Step 3 - Select the 'Manage' button next to the user you wish to change permissions for


Step 4 - Within 'Manage Access', you can now select 'Yes' or 'No' to enable or disable features


  • Select 'Yes' to enable a feature
  • Select 'No' to disbale a feature

You can be more specific with Sharing Client Access


Within Client File Access, you can specify which features a case manager can view within their client's file. You can also specify which features a case manager can view in a client file that is shared with them.

  • Yes - my and shared clients: You will enable the case manager to view this feature for their clients & any shared clients file
  • Yes - my clients only: You will enable the case manager to view this feature from their clients file only
  • No: You will disable the this feature for all client files for this case manager

Step 5 - Save Permission


Please note: If you do not click 'Save Permissions', the changes will not take effect

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    Melinda Collard

    Would be good to have some definitions of what each sub heading actually refers to so what is 'Data access' for Sites? what does that actually refer to?