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...And looks pretty darn good if we may say so ourselves!



Different, yet familiar.

We're excited to introduce a new coreplus look a.k.a new User Interface ( "UI" for any nerds out there) , as part of our strategy to provide a more enjoyable experience while your managing your practice. From the 1st of December, this will be accessible to most users!


Living up to our promise that you should “practice happy”, we think that  software should be aesthetically pleasing, vibrant and inspiring to use, while enabling you to complete your daily tasks with ease, accuracy and speed.


The concept of Material design, inspired our User Experience (UX) team to focus more effort on the visual design of our interfaces.  Using observation of human interaction with the real world, we've adopted into our design philosophy the objective of producing digitally a workspace that evokes a kind of "feel" to the interpretation of what your eyes are looking at.  Kind of like when you look at a physical object with buttons on it, you'll instantly know what you can press, touch or interact with and expect an outcome. 

While we are continually improving a fully responsive mobile experience, we’ve pooled ideas from our users, and referenced Google’s approach in creating visual cohesion so you have easier access to all the tools you rely on.


Here’s what we’ve done:

You'll notice a new login page to start with




Now that you're in, let's go for a spin!


Compared to other practise management software providers out there, we believe software has to be interactive, and it has to inspire and inform you. New hover over menus and a colour scheme are a couple of aspects giving you an enhanced experience using coreplus.

You'll find that the menu is now to your left, and is collapsible, so you can isolate your workflow and refer to coreplus features at a glance. 



Bigger can be better

A more relaxed alignment of your information can improve your access to your schedules, client details and reports to maximise clarity and accuracy when entering data.




Ready to give it a go?


Existing users will have a link that enables them to switch between the old and new coreplus,


New users, you will automatically have access to our new do ! :)


We ‘re happy to be bringing to your scope a fresh new perspective that helps expand your practise management capacity.  


If you have any questions or need help in setting it up, please feel free to give our support gurus a call on 1300 66 89 88

Eva Sweid -

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