coreplus Updates - September 22nd 2016

We have some new updates!

Over the next few months, we will be releasing some updates which might make coreplus look a little different to how you are used to. However, these minor changes will make coreplus a lot more responsive for different screen sizes, including mobile and tablet screens. 

New Client window

In addition to the changes in this update, we are working on a fresh new paint job for coreplus. If you would be interested in participating in the BETA, and providing us with feedback on shaping the future for coreplus, please get in touch with


Andreas Papastergiadis -

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Comments 9

  • Avatar
    Kate Sweeney-West

    sorry much easier to see if all on one page in one column. :(

  • Avatar
    Customer Care Angel

    I'm with Kate - it needs to be on the one page makes it a lot easier to read :(

  • Avatar
    Sam Van Der Wijngaart

    I really like it!

  • Avatar
    Sam Van Der Wijngaart

    I would suggest having it a bit "tighter" though - everything is spread out vertically more than it needs to be.

  • Avatar
    Tiffany Beck

    I strongly agree with Kate sorry, is there a way to select view settings?

  • Avatar
    Colin Blunt

    I'm with Tiffany as I'm sure a few of my colleagues are also, can we please set if we want frames or not by used preference.

    That way if someone uses a tablet they are catered for. At the moment the continual scrolling is painful to say the least.

  • Avatar
    Hassan Kazmi

    Strongly agree with Tiffany and Colin.

    A view settings button will be beneficial.

  • Avatar
    Adele Hall

    I agree with previous comments - it is too "spacious". A tighter format allows you to see more on page without scrolling.

  • Avatar
    Gary Rubin

    Hi Coreplus. We agree with the spacing issue. It is really difficult to see the different parts of sections and requires extra scrolling. We strongly recommend there be an update which allows toggling between views if possible.