Start your client's health journey with your practice by adding an appointment for them. An appointment can easily be made two ways via a client's file; in the overview or appointment page. Before adding an appointment, you make like to;

📝Set your Calendar schedule
📝Configure your practice locations with Sites
📝Create Appointment Types
📝Set up your SMS or Email appointment reminder templates

Make an appointment from the Client Overview

1. From a client's file, in Overview, click on Make Appointment

2. Your client details will automatically populate in the Client field of the New Appointment box. Click in the white space to start populating the fields, and click Save

Make an appointment from the Appointments page 

1. From a client's file, click on Appointments in the menu panel, and then click the Make Appointment button at the top of the page

2. You will be taken directly to the Calendar with the client details automatically populated. Populate the necessary fields and click Save

📝You can also make an appointment from a Calendar

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