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Exploring coreplus Features | Online Bookings with Client Portal
Exploring coreplus Features | Online Bookings with Client Portal

Join Emma as she discusses the Client Portal and how you can book online sessions with your clients and help streamline your business.

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The Client Portal allows you to offer online bookings to your clients. It's a powerful tool that saves you time, but there are a couple of steps to getting set up. In this short but extensive video, Emma from the Success team, will take you through the Client Portal and how to utilise the feature!

We also have an extensive collection of help guides dedicated to the Client portal

and its many features, you can find this here: Client Portal

This includes articles such as Getting started with your Client Portal for Online Bookings, Enable and Disable your Client Portal, Set up Practitioner Profiles for Client Portal, Make Documents Mandatory and Take a cancellation fee for bookings via the Client Portal

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