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Balancing out an overpayment (Tyro)
Balancing out an overpayment (Tyro)

Learn how to balance out the payment if you take an overpayment via Tyro

Updated over a week ago

It is very common for coreplus users to mistakenly charge more than an item's fee. When the payment is done via Tyro, it can't be edited and adjusted, apart from reversing the payment. There is a workaround to balance out the invoice which we will discuss in this article.

Please, follow the below steps to balance out a Tyro overpayment on an invoice:

1. From the Dashboard, go to the Client's file > Invoicing

2. Click Actions > Edit > under Billing Information manually edit the Fee to match the payment taken via Tyro

3. Once the fee is matching the payment the invoice will show the owing amount as $0. Then click on Update Invoice

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