Blua enables you to publish your practitioner's availability schedule for new client bookings to book right into your coreplus calendar, based on your health specialty.
Blua is currently available for physiotherapists, psychologists, general practitioners, and specialists.

💡 The following set-up is a pre-requisite and required by Blua. Please ensure to follow the below steps. Note, if you have Client Portal set up in your account, you may only need to complete a component of the below, though it is recommended that each step is checked.

Let's get started:

1. Add a practitioner by creating them as a user in your account. You will need to have practitioners set up to be able to publish their availability (this step can be skipped if your users have already been added to your coreplus account!).

2. Create a site/location - ensure to include a postcode! (this step can be skipped if you already have locations with full address set up in coreplus).
If you are a 100% Telehealth based business, you can add your location name as 'Telehealth' and enter the postcode of the city you are located in, for time zone purposes.

3. Add practitioner provider number(s) relevant to each location/site you have created.

4. Set up the practitioners profile - as well as the existing fields that are required, we have added new fields to the Practitioner Profile section that need to be completed or ticked:

  • Gender

  • Languages Spoken

  • AHPRA number

  • LGBTQI+ Friendly

Please make sure you tick every relevant speciality as well.

5. Create practitioner's schedules or use existing availability schedules. You won't be able to publish the schedule yet, we will return to this in step 10.

6. Ensure you have Appointment Types set up so a client can see what appointment types they can book with you via Blua. You can keep it simple with just 'Initial Consult' if you like (this step can be skipped if you already have appointment types set up). If you are offering Telehealth appointments, it is recommended you add that to the naming convention of your appointment type, ie, 'Initial Consult - Telehealth'.

7. Enable Telehealth by coreplus - this is required if you are offering telehealth appointments to Blua and set relevant appointment types listed as telehealth enabled. External online video solutions will not be accepted as a telehealth solution for Blua clients.

8. Map Appointment Types to your Specialties for context to the client of the type of health service you are providing and the appointment types under that.

9. All done with the above steps? Great, now navigate to Setup > Add Ons > Blua, and click on the enable button!

10. Navigate back to the calendar and select a practitioner's schedule, you now have the option to publish the schedule to Blua. Proceed with ticking the Blua box and update the schedule! Ensure to do this for each practitioner.

You're all done! 🎉

The Blua team will contact you within 24-48 hours in regards to your application, once all of the set up is completed and the Blua add on is enabled.

💎 See our FAQs article for all questions related to the Blua set up: Blua FAQs

Please let us know if you have any questions and don't forget to rate this help article below, so that we can continue to improve our support to you!

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