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Setting up your coreplus account (advanced!)

Take full advantage of coreplus using these settings

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Welcome back! Now that you've gotten through the essential set up of your new coreplus account, get ready to build yourself up for success - the advanced way! Let's dive a little deeper into your settings and workflows for a more powerful and efficient practice. These features are optional but are super handy to have.

This article includes:

1. Add your Email Signature for every email sent via coreplus

2. Calendar settings for multi-screen use, traffic light SMS, preferred calendar sync and more

3. Invoice workflows by setting preferred payment methods, auto cancellation workflows and quantity invoicing

4. Client management with categorisation, enhanced referral management and more

5. Secure your account further with multi-factor authentication

Email Signature

Adding your email signature to the User Profile is the perfect opportunity to brand every email you send via coreplus. You can even include your contact information, practice logo, social links, disclaimers, or even your handwritten signature to make it appear professional and gives your clients a perception that they are dealing with an established practice.


We know having a great calendar system will set a good start to your day, so we have a couple of tricks to share with you to make it more seamless.

1. Open your calendar in a new window to avoid going back and forth to the main Dashboard.

πŸ’‘ If using 2 screens, you can have the Dashboard open on one tab and Calendar on the other with this setting enabled.

2. For SMS appointment reminders, enable our Traffic Light SMS to get a Green/Red/Amber visual on the corresponding appointment that indicates the client's response to their reminder.
πŸ’‘ Green = A reminder response of "y" or "yes" or "confirm"

πŸ’‘ Red = A reminder response of "n" or "no" "cancel" or "reschedule"
πŸ’‘ Amber = A reminder response of something other than the above

​3. Enable time indicator to show a horizontal line across your calendar to indicate the current time. You can freely change the opacity and the colour of this too!

4. Setup an iCal sync to sync your coreplus calendar to a calendar of your choice.

πŸ’‘ This will automatically update your availability and block out times based on your other calendar, without you having to jump back and forth between two systems.

5. Check out Calendar Settings for ways you can set the look and feel of your Calendar


Check out these useful features to make your life easier:

1. Set your preferred payment methods at the top of your payment method list when you are processing a payment on an invoice to efficiently process payments.

2. Create a cancellation workflow to reduce admin time spent on cancellations

πŸ’‘ You can automatically raise an invoice or notify team members when a client's appointment is cancelled

3. Enable Quantity Invoicing to allow you to set a quantity amount against a service type.

Client Management

Stay in control when managing your client information so that you have all their important details readily accessible to you. Here's a couple of ways to make your workflow seamless!

1. Store your client's referrals in one place to easily link them directly to your client's appointments and invoices.

πŸ’‘ This is great so you can view, update and track your client's referral, giving you more visibility of your client's care.

2. Set a limit to the number of appointments per referral, for easy tracking and warnings on appointments.

πŸ’‘ This is handy especially if you manage Medicare plans or your own custom treatment packages so you won't have to rely on your memory or manual notes

3. Setup and schedule automated SMS birthday message for your clients!

4. Create Client Groups to categorise client into custom groups of your creation.
πŸ’‘ You can use Client Groups as a filter on your reporting

πŸ’‘ Client Groups are predominantly used to identify a client's payment type: ie, Medicare, NDIS, Private etc OR, a main issue the client is presenting with

πŸ’‘ Only one client group can be assigned per client

Secure your account

Enabling Multi-Factor authentication on your account adds an extra layer of security to your account, where you are asked to add in an extra code (sent to you via SMS) alongside your usual username and password.

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