When using the Medicare add on you need to upload a site certificate (PKI) to enable the service, these certificates have an expiry date every approx. 2 years.

In this article we will cover:

1. Deleting your current site certificate

2.Uploading a site certificate for renewal

πŸ“Approx. 4-6 weeks prior to your PKI expiry date, Medicare will send out your renewal site certificate. You will need this before you are able to upload it to your account. If you have not received it, you may need to re-apply for a site certificate

Deleting your current site certificate

1. Click on Setup, select Add Ons and then click on the Medicare tile

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Uploaded Site Certificates

3. Here you will see a red bin icon press on this button to delete the current certificate

Uploading your site certificate into coreplus

πŸ’‘ Prior to setting up your new certificate, please ensure to delete the current certificate on your coreplus account. You can delete it by clicking on the 'red bin' next to your current certificate.

1. Insert the CD from Medicare into your computer. Click on Setup, select Add Ons and then click on the Medicare tile

2. You will find two files located on the CD, all of these must be uploaded into coreplus.

πŸ’‘ Previous PKI' uploads will show to upload 5 files, but you are now only required to upload 2 files.

Click on Choose File or Browse next to fac_encrypt.p12

  • From the pop-up screen that appears, locate your CD drive's directory

  • Locate the file fac_encrypt.p12 and select this file to upload it into coreplus

  • Follow the above steps for the remaining file(s) that are remaining on the CD

Enter remaining information

1. Enter your Medicare PIC Code. This should have been received around the same time as you received your CD from Medicare. Ensure all characters are entered, including any symbols.

2. Enter your Provider Number. The provider number that was given when submitting the forms to Medicare. Ensure this is the exact same provider number, otherwise the Site Certificate will not be created successfully

3. Enter your Email Address. Enter the same email address used when the form was filled out and sent to Medicare, πŸ›‘ if it is different the site certificate will not be created successfully!

Create PSI Store

Once the above components have been component you are ready to generate your Medicare online store.

1. Click Create PSI Store. This may take a few minutes to complete

2. Verify if your Site Certificate has been successfully uploaded by checking your email.

If it failed to generate successfully, you should be informed as to why it failed. Common reasons may be due to:

  • The PIC code was entered incorrectly

  • The email address was entered incorrectly

πŸ“ You can check if the Site Certificate is functional and connected to Medicare by running an Online Patient Verification

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