Services Australia digital health and aged care channels are being upgraded to web services technology.

The authentication technology Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) currently used to submit claims and data to Services Australia is also being replaced. Current PKI security will be replaced with Services Australia own authentication system called Provider Digital Access (PRODA).

It is required that you as a practitioner, are using web services technology by 13th March 2022, for your Medicare and DVA claiming purposes.

As your software provider, it is our responsibility to prepare coreplus for this transition from PKI to web services technology, well ahead of this date.

Our product and development work on this is currently in progress.

This document will be updated and communicated when new steps are ready to be undertaken in the transition to web services technology.

It is recommended that the two step process below is completed ASAP.
You are required to create an Individual PRODA account by registering (step 1) and then registering your practice as an organisation within your individual PRODA account (step 2).

STEP 1: Register for a PRODA account
💡 If you are already registered for PRODA, skip ahead to Step 2

  1. To register for a PRODA account go to this link and complete steps 1 and 2 in the registration process.

🚨 Do not complete Step 3 in the registration for coreplus purposes, you can match other existing services as you require

STEP 2: Register your practice or business as an organisation within your individual PRODA account

💡 All practices or businesses - including sole traders - need to register an organisation

💡 You need to be an Associate or Authorised Contact (e.g. Director) listed on the Australian Business Register (ABR) to register the organisation in PRODA

2. To register your organisation in PRODA, follow this Services Australia detailed guide:

We will announce when you can take the final step (step 3) which will be to add and link to Medicare Online as a service provider to your organisation in PRODA.
In the meantime, you can continue to use coreplus until upgrades are complete on, or prior to the 13th of March 2022.

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