Openpay is an integration that allows your clients to setup a payment plan to pay off invoices in coreplus. This can assist in situations where the client may not have the full funds for a consult or service on the day it is rendered and they need to spread the cost over multiple transaction, at regular intervals.

💡 You'll need an account with Openpay before you can set up the Openpay integration in your coreplus account. You can apply to become a Openpay Partner here 😊

1. From the Dashboard, click on Setup, select Add Ons, click on Openpay tile

2. First click Enable, read through the terms and conditions, then tick I have read and understand the Legal Terms & Conditions, then click I Agree

3. Enter in your Auth Token username and password from Openpay, then click Save

💡 The username and password required are the Auth Token details NOT your open pay log in details.

4. You will then see the Minimum and Maximum purchase prices that have been set in your Openpay account

💡 The total fee for any invoice that you and your client wishes to use with Openpay will need to be between these two values.

OpenPay Fees:
2-month plans - 3.5%+GST of the total amount
3-month plans - 3.75%+GST of the total amount
4-month plans - 4.25%+GST of the total amount

📃 Next up, Paying an invoice with Openpay

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