SRA is abbreviated for Service Registration Assistant. The Australian Digital Health Agency, North Coast Primary Health Network, Northern NSW Local Health District and practice software providers have partnered together to trial the SRA solution.

Healthcare provider organisations can register their organisation in the SRA, utilising a PRODA account. Once the relevant setup process is complete, you'll be able to easily do the following:

  • Updating your healthcare service details from one place

  • Promoting the services and treatments you deliver

  • Making it easy for other healthcare providers to find and communicate with you in a secure way using a variety of healthcare provider directories

Before using the SRA portal, you will need to have already completed the following:

📝Create a PRODA account (if you already have a PRODA account, you can skip this step)

📝Registering your organisations details.

📝Approve your organisations registration request

Creating a PRODA account

  1. Go to the SRA Portal Home Page and click PRODA Login

2. Click Register Now and complete the registration process for PRODA

💡 If you already have a PRODA account, use your username and password to login

Registering your organisations details

1. Once logged into the SRA portal, select Your Organisations

2. Within the Your Organisations screen, select Add Organisation

3. Fill out the required organisation details, tick the following tick boxes, enter your HPI-O number and finally click Verify

💡 You should only tick the third check box if your organisation has already ‘made the SRA a CSP’ for the HI Service. This must be established in HPOS before you can enter a HPI-O when adding your organisation. If you haven't done so, please leave the box unticked

4. Under Authorisation details, tick the checkbox confirm your contacts details are correct and upload your scanned PDF authorisation document by clicking Choose Document(s)

💡 If you're unsure on where to retrieve the authorisation document from, click here

💡 When uploading your authorisation document, the file format must be a PDF

5. Read through the terms and conditions, tick the I have read and understood all terms and conditions check box and click Accept and submit

Approving your organisations registration request

  • An SRA Operator will assess and approve your registration request

  • You will receive an email confirming your registration request was approved

  1. Once your request has been approved, log into the SRA Portal, click Your Organisations and modify your organisation details and documents if needed

💡 If rejected, you may contact the SRA Operator and request re-assessment.
Phone: 1300 901 001

2. Notify the SRA Operator that you've finished confirmed your details by responding to the notification email you received

📝 You're now ready to start using the Service Registration Assistant setup wizard

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