When starting out using TeleConsult, you may like to know what you clients will experience so you are prepared to answer any of their questions.

If you have included the TeleConsult links in your appointment reminders, they will see something similar to the below examples.




Client Workflow:

Once they have followed the link provided, they will see the below screen:

The client should then enter their name and provided code into the Appointment ID field and click Join:

The next screen they will see will ask them to select their browser and then they can click the Enter button and enter the waiting room:

Testing the workflow:

If you'd like to test it out or email a client the link and ID manually, send the below link:

And the ID from the Reference Number field in their appointment:

Be sure to check out our guide on troubleshooting if your clients are experiencing any issues!

💡 This can also be used to send the ID and link to multiple clients if it is a group appointment! 😃

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