Once you have the TeleConsult Add On enabled, you are ready to start creating telehealth appointments for your clients!

Any appointment either created from the calendar or from the client portal with the appointment type TeleConsult will create a telehealth appointment.

Creating a TeleConsult appointment

1. Open your calendar
Double click to add new appointment and enter details
3. Set appointment type to TeleConsult
4. Click Save

(NB: If a client selects a TeleConsult appointment from your Client Portal, this will have the same effect - See how to add this to your portal here)

Launching a TeleConsult appointment

Once you have a teleconsult appointment in your calendar and it's almost time to begin the consult, you can launch it by following the below steps.

1. Open calendar and double click on a TeleConsult appointment and then click on the Launch video conference button

2. This will take you directly into the online consult portal. Click Enter for the browser selection (You can also test your internet speed at this point)

3. TeleConsult will ask you if you would like a tour of the product. If it's your first time using it, we would recommend taking a look! 😃

4. Click the green Enter button to start the consultation

5. Select video quality and click Join (We recommend Standard Video & Audio option)

TeleConsult appointment options and settings

On the left hand side of the consult portal you'll see a few options. These are explained below.


Allows you to see if the client has entered the consult yet, and if there is anyone in the waiting room.


Allows you to send text messages between yourself and the client.


Allows you to send a file to the client during the consult. Previously uploaded files will be visible under 'Available Files'


Allows you to extended the duration of the consult if you need more time to finish.

We recommend extending the appointment at least 5 minutes prior to the end of the consult - Once the appointment duration has expired you will be unable to extend the consult duration further.


This area contains links to call or chat directly with TeleConnect to troubleshoot technical issues and also a link to the tour of the product.


While in a teleconsult, you'll have options to adjust your video & audio settings, and toggle your microphone, video and screen-sharing on or off.
These are shown below.

Toggle mic, audio or screen sharing:

  • The Camera icon toggles video
  • The Microphone icon toggles audio
  • The Screen icon toggles screen sharing options

Clicking the gear icon displays your video & audio settings:

This allows you to set which Camera or Microphone is used for the consult, and at what quality.

Technical Issues:

If you have any technical issues while in the consultation, you may want to reach out to the CollabCare support team:
Email: contact@collabcare.com.au
Telephone: (03) 8330 9203

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