Whilst we do not recommend Zoom for online healthcare provision, we understand that you may have a preference to use it.  So here are a few pointers on setting up a Zoom account and how best to use it within coreplus. We'll cover creating an account, scheduling meetings and communicating with clients.

NB: When using MacBook's there have been security/ privacy breaches with Zoom, see this blog for more details.  Please note that we have a free use TeleHealth feature now available within coreplus see here for details:

Create a Zoom Account

The first step is to create an account with Zoom.

1. Go to https://zoom.us/ and click on Sign up, it's free

2. Enter your email address and click the Sign Up button
(You will receive an email from Zoom called 'Please Activate your Zoom Account'. Open the email, click on the Activate Account button and you'll be taken back to Zoom)

3. Enter your First name, Last name and a password.

4. At the top right of the screen click Resources then Download Zoom Client to download the Zoom application to your computer.
(You can use the web version if you'd prefer not to download the application 😃)

Create Meeting in Zoom

You'll need to create a meeting in Zoom for your appointment in coreplus. You do this by following the below steps.

1. Sign into your Zoom account by entering your username and password
2. Click on Schedule
3. Set the Meeting topic as the clients first name, or first name name and initial
4. Enter the date and time as they are in the coreplus appointment
5. Ensure Meeting ID is set to Generate Automatically
6. Click Require Password
7. Make sure Video for Host and Participants are both set to On
8. Click Schedule

Copy meeting information to coreplus appointment

Once the meeting is created, it's a good idea to copy these details into the appointment in coreplus.

  1. Click on Meetings in Zoom

  2. Click Show Meeting Invitation below the meeting you wish to copy details from

  3. Highlight Meeting ID and Password and copy

  4. Open coreplus and paste in the Notes section of the relevant coreplus appointment

Send meeting details to client

Once the meeting is created, you'll need to let the client know so they can join you. You can do so by following the below steps.

  1. Click on Meetings in Zoom

  2. Click Copy Invitation next to the meeting you wish to copy details from

  3. Open coreplus and click on Communication > Send SMS from the dashboard
    (💡 You can also follow these steps for Communication > Send Email)

  4. Paste text from Zoom into the Message field

  5. Add clients number to the To field

  6. Click Send Message

💡 In the above example, the clients mobile number is typed into the To field. You can click the + button to search your contacts in coreplus if needed.

When it is time for your meeting, simply open Zoom and click Start next to the relevant meeting and wait for the client to join.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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