Can I make changes to a saved and finalised case note? 

Case notes cannot be edited or deleted after they have been saved and finalised. If you wish to create case notes that you can edit later, using 'Draft Notes' is recommended. You can click here for further information on draft notes.

Is coreplus secure and compliant with the Privacy Act?

coreplus uses infrastructure that is based in Australia and approved by the Department of Health. We also operate at the highest standards and best practice approach to application security. Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a large corporate we offer a robust and compliant software platform to assist with you compliance obligations. If you'd like to learn more about our view on security and privacy, click here.

Is it possible to use coreplus if my practice is situated outside of Australia?

We are currently optimised for the Australian allied health space, however are looking at expanding internationally in the future. Whilst you are more than welcome to start a free trial and use the software, you will notice limitations with the address fields in the client records, SMS appointment reminders and several of our Add Ons.

Can I have my username changed?

When new users are added into your coreplus account, the system automatically generates your username resulting in not being able to have it changed.

I'm thinking of utilising Medicare Online with coreplus, but I practice from multiple locations so does that mean I need one Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate per location? 

No, you will only require one Public Key Infrastructure certificate, even if you are practising from more than one location. For a detailed guide on what the setup process for Medicare Online looks like, please click here!

Is coreplus integrated with MailChimp?

At this current time, coreplus does not have an integration with MailChimp. However, if you were looking to send an email to multiple clients at once, it'd be worth to have a look at the mailing labels feature which can allow you to export all of your client's emails into MailChimp.

Can I have users on different pricing plans?

Our pricing model in place applies to the entire account, therefore having users on different pricing plans is not possible.

Is coreplus integrated with HICAPS, ECLIPSE and/or PRODA? 

We aren't integrated with the above three as we are connected with Medicare Online to allow you to transmit bulk bill, patient and DVA claims. As for private health fund claiming and EFTPOS payments, we are integrated with Tyro to enable you to streamline these types of transactions.

If you already use HICAPS, ECLIPSE or PRODA that is perfectly fine. 

In this scenario, if you are going to be generating invoices it is recommended for you to assign payments against them for the health fund claims, Medicare/DVA claims and EFTPOS payments that you process through the above facilities. You can apply payments types such as the following:

  • Health fund rebate

  • Bulk billed

  • DVA

Is it possible for coreplus to print electronic prescriptions?

coreplus currently does not support the use of electronic prescriptions as the majority of the coreplus user community are allied health practitioners who do not require this functionality.

Can I setup an online booking portal through coreplus?

Yes you can! Please get in contact with our Customer Support team for more information on how you can set this up or check out this article on how to get started! 

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