💡 The coreplus integration with Xero allows for a one way sync only: coreplus to Xero. Any changes made in your Xero account WILL NOT sync back to coreplus.

Q: If I delete an invoice from coreplus after it has synced to Xero, will it automatically be deleted from Xero as well?
A: No, it will not. The corresponding invoice in Xero will need to be deleted through your Xero account separately

Q: If I make any updates to an invoice in coreplus after it has synced to Xero (e.g. modifying a payment or adding service types), will the changes sync to the relevant Xero invoice?
A: No, they will not. Modifying a coreplus invoice after it has synced will not have any influence on the relevant Xero invoice. However, any new payments you add to an invoice in coreplus will sync across and mark the Xero invoice as 'paid'. 

Q: Invoices in coreplus from particular dates in the past have not synced across to my Xero account. Is there anything I can do?
A: Yes! Email or message the coreplus support team - we can re-run the sync process from previous dates for your account.

Q: I have received this response 'Error: Payment amount exceeds the amount due on this invoice'. What does this mean?
A: The payment recorded on the invoice in coreplus is higher than the total owing. The invoice must be revised for the payment to synchronise successfully.

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